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The 2016 Calendar has been dedicated to Nepal so that this doesn’t become a forgotten emergency.

So many of you responded to the first aid request and ASIA has transformed all this generosity in concrete forms of aid for the victims of the earthquake. You will be able to read about these projects in our calendar month after month.

Today the situation in Nepal is still dramatic. Therefore we stayed there after the first post-earthquake interventions, in order to reconstruct schools, villages…the future of Nepal.

Treat yourself to the ASIA calendar for 2016, which will remind you each day of the precious help you have donated to ASIA and the aid provided to Nepal.

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You Can Make a Difference, ADOPT TIBET Campaign

rick carol
Rick and Carol Albert spent some weeks volunteer teaching at the ASIA Manasarova School in July this year, helping out with their experience as teachers…here is Carol’s story.

Doing storytelling and creative writing with Tibetan children, walking past the Bodhnath stupa every day surrounded by Tibetans, staying in a Tibetan guesthouse, eating Tibetan food – that was our life a few months ago when we spent several weeks volunteering for ASIA as teachers at Manasarovar Academy in Boudha, Kathmandu. Most of the students were Tibetan or came from remote areas of Nepal with Tibetan culture.

Hopefully the students learned a few things from us – they were very interested in the maths puzzles with Rick and listening to folk tales and fairy tales and writing stories with Carol – a different way to learn compared with theirs which involved a lot of chanting aloud to memorize. We also learned some things – that the most valuable resource the school had was the caring approach of the two women principals who made the 400 children feel like a big happy family. Every lunchtime the desks and seats were moved into the courtyard and 400 lunches were served that had been cooked on two gas rings – over 30 kilos of rice every day.

We walked to school each day through the laneways of the Tibetan community. Then one day I twisted and broke my foot in a pothole. The principals brought us momos and thubpa to our guesthouse and the last day we went to the school I was in a wheelchair and the younger children sat on the front steps to listen to stories and sing nursery rhymes, and the older ones performed some Tibetan folk songs and dances. Things don’t go as we plan – another lesson. So we learned a lot in this trip, including about the difficulties faced by Tibetan people and how important schools like this are that help preserve the culture and language, and how important the part ASIA plays in these schools through sponsorship and donations.

Long Distance Sponsorship
To help respond to the cultural emergency in Tibet, where the traditions are in danger of being lost, ASIA has launched the ADOPT TIBET campaign. ASIA is asking for long distance sponsorship for 300 children and 200 monks by 31 December. Nine schools and five monasteries urgently need sponsors to help with everyday basic needs.

Becoming a long distance sponsor gives you the opportunity to get to know your sponsored child or monk through letters and possibly even a visit to them or to one of ASIA’s projects.

For more information on supporting ADOPT TIBET visit http://www.adoptibet.org

Renovation of Golok School

A new canteen and kitchen for the girls of Golok.

In Goloks prefecture, at 4000 metres altitude on the Tibetan highlands, there’s a school attended only by the girls coming from the villages scattered on the surrounding mountains. In 2004, on behalf of the local community and on the impulse of the well known educator the monk Jigmed Gyaltsen, abbot of the Raja Monastery, ASIA begun working to build a school entirely dedicated to those girls who had no other access to any education. In fact, the only other school existing didn’t allow the enrolment of girls.
Since its opening in 2007 the school of Golok has become an example to follow for the entire region. It respects the governments teaching plan, uses traditional methods of teaching and imparts the study of Tibetan culture, language and philosophy. This has brought an incredible increase in the number of students enrolled, from about 240 girls in 2007 to the more than 500 presently. As it now stands, the strong cold and the freezing snow have contributed to the dilapidation of the buildings, making a new intervention of ASIA necessary for the reconstruction and enlargement of the school.
The first part of the project consists in the construction of a new kitchen, to guarantee the storage and preparation of healthy meals, and a new canteen, to provide an healthy and sanitised environment for all students and teachers. In fact, guaranteeing the right to education isn’t enough if at the same time, other two fundamental human rights aren’t guaranteed:  the right to food and the right to health.

Construction work can begin as soon as the funds are raised and the weather will allow. The cost of this first part of the project is approximately $158,000 AU, and as Australian supporters, we have the ability to make a great impact.
We call out now for your assistance in this very meaningful cause. However great or small, please click here to make a donation via the ONLUS website and aid in the effort. 

Let’s Get Them to School Campaign

We come to you now with a message from the ASIA Onlus Director

Dearest Friends,
In this difficult time, ASIA is responding to the critical situation in Tibet by investing in sponsorship projects for female education. We have committed to the task of sending 500 nomad girls to school.

I urgently need all your support to promote the ASIA “Let’s get them to School” campaign to give a concrete response to this cry for help coming to us from Tibet.

Let’s find long distance sponsors for 500 nomad Tibetan schoolgirls by the end of the year!

For a girl, woman and mother of the future, education is fundamental for the peaceful evolution of all mankind.Education for a nomad girl means raising the quality of life of all the community and safeguarding Tibetan culture, now under greater threat than ever.

To achieve this result we need to promote the “ Let’s get them to School” campaign with vigour and enthusiasm, telling everyone we know, in the family, at work, at school and university, spreading the word endlessly, also on facebook and all the other social networks.

I know many of you have been long distant “mothers” for many years and are well aware of the value of this project. I am asking you to share your experience and to sponsor a nomad girl together, with one or more friends.

Please take an active part in this campaign, becoming protagonists and envoys of this undertaking. The countdown has already started and many people have already subscribed!

Through your commitment we will meet this challenge too, as we have many others with your support. Please Click Here to get involved and find out how the project is progressing!

Warmest Regards,
Andrea Dell’Angelo
ASIA Director

Manasarovar Success

Dearest friends,

We believed in the beauty of our dream and it did come true. We are happy and proud to tell you that the school is safe. We made it!

Thank you.

The achievement of this big aim spurs us to keep going with bravery and determination, sure of your support and participation. The Manasarovar school can finally count on the property of the building and the future generations of little Tibetans in exile will be able to continue to study and maintain their cultural identity.

In such a difficult time, for us and for the Tibetan people, it is great news and a significant result that we achieved together, everybody according to their own possibilities and capacities.

Kindest regards,
The ASIA team

Manasarovar School Call Out

Dear friends,
Thanks to your generous support we have almost reached our target: saving the Manasarovar School. Your answer to our appeals and the fund-raising carried out also by other organisations has produced a good result. For this we want to thank you all from the heart.

However our race against time is not won yet: we still need to raise 60,000 euro.

We have time until July to give a future to the Tibetan children in exile in Nepal. It is a big sum, a difficult challenge, especially at this particular time, but all together we can do it!

What can you do?
Make a donation: If each of you could donate 60 euro, the school would be saved.

We know that in a time such as this even donating 60 euro is an effort that can be difficult to make. Any contribution is important and can make the difference.

Share the cause: Speak with your friends and associates about this school and about your wish to save it. The more we are the easier it will be to reach our target. A simple way to do this is to email us the contact details of those who would like to become part of ASIA Australia.

Please click here to donate if the above link isn’t visible

Or you can donate via bank transfer in the name of ASIA Onlus:
IBAN: IT 27 M 01030 72160 000000389350

Watch the video of the Manasarovar school and keep dreaming with us…

Saving Manasarovar School

In 2012 we are focusing on Saving the Manasarovar School. This is a special school located in Kathmandu, which carries out a very important role for the education of the Tibetan children in exile and for the preservation of the Tibetan cultural identity.

Manasarovar School

ASIA has supported this school from it’s beginning with Long distance Sponsorships, we know very well the care and professionalism of the teachers and the school team.

The School is at risk of being closed and we cannot permit the 350 children attending to lose the chance to receive a proper Tibetan education. ASIA is committed to help the Director of the School to raise the funds needed to survive.

The children enrolled in the school belong to the poorest families in the community of Tibetan refugees and are selected through home visits and interviews. With ASIA  Long-distance sponsorship contributions the Manasorovar Educational Foundation can afford the necessary expenses: school supply, food, basic healthcare, clothes, heating.

Cadel Evans is one of our sponsors, he reports on his visit to the Manasarovar school:

“Since we started sponsoring little Tashi, every day we’ve been asking I wonder what Tashi is doing now? The curiousity to meet this little kid, coming from such a distant and different place, was so strong that we decided to go and visit him.”

Yushu Earthquake Victims

Another terrible tragedy has struck the Tibetan people.

On 14th April 2010 an earthhquake of magnitude 7.1 hit the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai and razed to the ground entire inhabited areas resulting in 100,000 displaced persons urgently in need of food, medicine,water and most of all, blankets, tents and heavy clothing to protect them from the severe temperatures that reach minus 10 degrees. The epicentre was in the Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, south of Qinghai and one of the poorest and most remote areas in the region, where 90% of inhabitants are Tibetans.

Since this tragedy occurred, ASIA’s staff have been in the field actively supporting local authorities with whom they have been collaborating for years. ASIA is the only NGO in the Tibetan area working since 1993 and has provided help to the local population with numerous emergency relief projects, including relief for the victims of the the last earthquake that struck Sichuan in 2008.

We are happy to inform you that a new aid shipment is ready to go for the people of Yushu who are still living in extremely difficult conditions.

The organization of this aid wouldn’t be possible without you. We would like to thank you from our hearts for this:

Donate now by credit card made directly through our link.

Reconstruction of Galenteng Monastery

In 2009 we launch a specific project for the reconstruction of Galenteng monastery in East Tibet. Donations and sponsorship for this project can be made directly through our links.

Galenteng monastery

Galenteng monastery is considered to be one of the most important Tibetan cultural centres in East Tibet.

It was founded in the IX century by Lha Lung Dpal Gyi rDorje, a student of Padmasambhava, who took refuge there after the assassination of the king of Central Tibet, Lhang Dharma. Established by the Nyingmapa, subsequently it was annexed to the Sakyapa order by the regents of Derge. Still today it is characterised by its combination of practices of these two traditions.

On 9 February 2009 a fire broke out in the evening when the monks had all assembled in the temple for their evening practice led by Khempo Tashi Choepel. It blazed through the new part of the College, finished in December 2008, completely destroying it. The cause of the fire has not yet been ascertained; it could have been started by a short circuit, a candle or some other cause. Fortunately no monks were hurt, but the 20 rooms of the College were razed to the ground. Some of the old rooms of the College were also destroyed, and were demolished with dynamite to stop the fire spreading throughout the College.

Finally the last wing of the College flanking the Temple still remains to be built, to serve as accommodation for the Master Kyentze Rimpoche, as well as a second hall for the Teachings. Reconstruction of the College is very important, above all at such a difficult time when the very survival of the culture of the Tibetan people is seriously at risk.

Reconstruction of the College is a difficult commitment because of project management on-site and considerable financial burden, which is estimated to be about 117.000 Euro. We want to highlight the importance of this project and remind you here of the words of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu :

“The monastery of my uncle teacher, is the monastery called Galingteng. We built a very nice college of study on top of the monastery. After new year I received a communication from there, that half of which we built new, finished in December, is burnt in a fire. I dont know what happened, nobody knows still, they are doing research. But we should rebuild this. We dont know how we can rebuild, because it is expensive, but we should, we have to do it. So I want to ask people, ask everybody to help ASIA to rebuild this, because it is necessary, we couldnt leave it that way.” (14 april 2009)

The smallest commitment from all of us will be enough to give new life to this sacred place.

Teacher Training for the Tibetan School of Dongche Village

The Tibetan School of Dongche village was built by ASIA and inaugurated in 1997. The school provides education for 500 children , including lodgings for 120 nomad children and for 20 teachers. ASIA has funded a cultural centre within the school including  a library of over 4000 volumes in Tibetan, Chinese and English languages.

In collaboration with IFAD, the school is a centre for Teacher Training Programs in English and Computer Science for the school teachers in the Prefecture and since 1999 over 100 teachers have received training in the English language and in computer science. The Program receives on-going support and approval from the Qinghai Province Department of Education in Xinning and  organizes teachers throughout Hainan prefecture to attend the ASIA Teacher Training Programme.

The current  project is for the ongoing support for the development of computer skill training at Dongche and was initiated by Helen Williams during the ASIA computer skills field training at the Summer training camp at Dongche in 2001.

Dimension Data Sydney has generously provided the support and training  for this project at their Sydney campus for computer skills training and in July 2002 ASIA Tibetan teacher Dorjie ( Xiawu Duojie ) from Repong College, Qinghai, China successfully completed their course.